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WDCL Rock Bidgood update

Andrew M lost to Lee Grinsell of Bushbury last night in the Semi-final Rock Cup reply. The game is now in Merciabase. Stu D also lost in the Semi-finals of the Bidgood at home to Mike Groombridge of Walsall Kipping.

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Rock Cup runner-up

Andrew M lost last night at Halesowen to Nick Arkell. The game can be seen here.

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Rock Cup 1st May @ HAL

Andrew M will play Nick Arkell (Brother of Grandmaster Keith) on 1st May at Halesowen in the Rock Cup final.

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Rock Cup miniature in Merciabase

Andrew’s 17-move miniature against John Southcote has been added to Merciabase. Here is the final position. Black has just played Rad8?? What was White’s move? See Merciabase for the full game.

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Rock Cup finalist

Andrew M beat John Southcote of Halesowen in the Rock Cup semi-final. He reaches the final for the third time in four years which will be against either Matthew Carr, Nick Arkell or Martyn Hathaway sometime in April.

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Rock cup update

Stu D lost his replay against BSM player Malcolm Phipps. However, he then met Andrew M who (playing an English just like Peter T!?) beat him in a tough game which can be seen on the WDCL site here. Andrew

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WDCL Rock Cup result

Dave H moved safely into the second round of the Rock Cup with a good win at home as Black over Wolverhampton stalwart Geoff Rosser. However, by his own admission castling queenside was a mistake and thankfully his opponent missed

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Rock Cup games on web

Here are the links to the Rock Cup finals games played at Mercia over the last two weeks. Game1 and Game2.

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Rock Cup victory

34 years after first getting to the final of the Rock Cup, Andrew McCumiskey of Mercia has finally won the title. In a replay against defending champion Robert Marshall of Wolverhampton, a tough struggle in the French Winawer was finally

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Rock Cup final drawn

Andrew M drew a tough match against Wolverhampton’s Rob Marshall at home tonight with the Black pieces. Sac-ing a Knight for two pawns and lots of activity it went down to a RN vs R endgame where Andrew had two

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