BDCL Div Three Olt B 1-5 Mer

Mercia secured a playoff with Olton A for promotion as they skittled Olton B 5-1 in a one-sided affair. Lee F had an easy win after his opponent simply forgot about a N fork on a Q and R. It easily happens! Andrew M had another quick win with Black taking just 27 moves rather the 15 from yesterday! Both games are now in Merciabase. Jon H once again piled too much pressure on his opponents centre to record his second win in 24 hours! John P was lucky to get away with a draw having had a better position early on. Mike S drifted again into a total bore draw. This left Mark T constantly refusing draw offers in a plus position and his persistence paid off in the end-game as his opponent dropped a pawn and played on for another 15 minutes in a position that even a 5yo would resign. Excellent back-to-back wins and the playoff date with Olton A will be set shortly!

Statistics updated!

The Stats have been brought up to date following last night’s match at Sutton Coldfield. Remember ONLY matches up to the 7th May will count towards this year’s awards. Please report any errors or omissions as soon as possible to Dave Webb.

BDCL Div Three SC vs Mer

Andrew M’s short game where he grabbed a second pawn and missed a Q fork is now on Merciabase. We hope to do better tonight at Olton B.

WDCL Rock Bidgood update

Andrew M lost to Lee Grinsell of Bushbury last night in the Semi-final Rock Cup reply. The game is now in Merciabase. Stu D also lost in the Semi-finals of the Bidgood at home to Mike Groombridge of Walsall Kipping.

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WDCL Div 4 Champs!

Wol div 4. Birmingham beat Stourbridge last night ensuring Mercia finish as champions. A big thanks to all that have contributed this season. This is the first time Mercia have won Division 4. See link here.

Posted on behalf of Captain Dave H

WDCL Div Four Sto 3-1 Mer C

Mercia’s Wol C team suffered their first defeat of the season with only one match to go at the hands of a useful Stourbridge team. Chris Bateson was first to finish whilst trying to build a king side attack neglected the queen side and paid the price. The two oddys on one and two took obvious draws leaving Chris Heathcock needing to win to rescue a point and keep our undefeated status alive. All looked well going two pawns up with only pawns a rook and a bishop each until he decided to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory by allowing his opponent to force through a pawn to the seventh rank. Need I say more. Stourbridge 3. Mercia 1. I would like to thank the guys for making the effort in turning out 👍👍👍

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WDCL Div Two Hal B 3½-2½ Mer

Mercia went down by the narrowest of margins against a good Halesowen second team on Thursday night. Great performances from Tony S and Jon H on the top two boards as well a draw from John P gave the team a solid base. But reserves Dave H and Stu D both lost with the latter losing a pawn early on and never recovering. The deputy Captain had a to walk home. Final match is at home to STO B on 12th Mar and is a must win for promotion. Matchcard can be found here.

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WDCL Rock cup S-F

Andrew M drew his home match against Lee Grinsell of Bushbury last night in the Semi-final of the Rock Cup at home. The replay will be in March where he will actually have to use the White pieces!

BDCL Div Four Bhm 3-3 Mer

👍Mercia B took a valuable point at Birmingham to ease any relegation worries. With a win for Dave Webb a loss for P H and draws for Ken, Barry and Stuart it all rested on me to rescue a losing position to earn that vital point. My opponent had the advantage of a pawn but with only 2 minutes on his clock agreed the draw. 😅
If we avoid defeat to Bushbury we will have had a reasonable season. 🤔

WDCL Div 4 Promotion

Today the WDCL Div Four team’s promotion was confirmed following their win over Lichfield C on Tuesday. The team still have two matches left in which to take the championship. They remain unbeaten throughout the season and all credit must go to Captain and top board Dave H who is also unbeaten.