WDCL Pittaway loss

Mercia lost in the final of the WDCL Pittaway Cup with an all round poor performance. Tony S lost early on quickly followed by Phil H who had dropped a pawing the opening. Dave H on bottom gave some hope of a revival but John P also got ground down. Mike S went a piece for a pawn down and should rightly have lost but in time trouble a draw was agreed. On top Andrew M went a clear pawn up and also a B for a N. He refused the repetitive check and went for a speculative sac. This left him still a pawn up but then after a Q exchange lost the pawn race to the eight and lost a clear win. Jon H agreed a draw having been a R for a B up but could not force the win. Similarly, Lee F looked in the better position but a draw was also given. A narrow loss of just an extra draw would have been enough. Congratulations go to Stourbridge who played the much better chess on the night. Matchcard will be here shortly.