WDCL Div Four Sto 3-1 Mer C

Mercia’s Wol C team suffered their first defeat of the season with only one match to go at the hands of a useful Stourbridge team. Chris Bateson was first to finish whilst trying to build a king side attack neglected the queen side and paid the price. The two oddys on one and two took obvious draws leaving Chris Heathcock needing to win to rescue a point and keep our undefeated status alive. All looked well going two pawns up with only pawns a rook and a bishop each until he decided to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory by allowing his opponent to force through a pawn to the seventh rank. Need I say more. Stourbridge 3. Mercia 1. I would like to thank the guys for making the effort in turning out 👍👍👍

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