BDCL Div Three Mer 4½-1½ Olt A

An excellent team performance tonight gave us a convincing victory over top team Olton A and kept us in the running for promotion. On bottom board John P went a whole piece up……but in a totally inter-locked position. A draw was the only option. Jon H played an excellent game pushing his e and f pawns through backed up by some powerful Rooks. The win came quickly. Lee F refused several early draw offers in a totally drawn position and only later accepted the inevitable once the match had been decided. Mark T played very well on his debut. He managed to get his R to the eighth rank backed up by his Q and pestered his opponent’s seventh rank until something dropped. Clear cool win! On top Peter T swapped down to a drawn ending having achieved not much in the centre. A draw was eventually accepted and this unfortunately brings to an end the longest winning streak in BDCL history! Over three seasons of only wins!! Andrew M fell into deep trouble and gave up a R for a strong Q attack. In what was a very open and sharp position he eventually forced mate despite being a piece down for half the game! Clear victory and we need to underline this with a victory next week against BSM at home. Matchcard is here.

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