WDCL Div Three Mer B 2-3 Wol B

On a night of what ifs and maybes Mercia B lost a vital match against close rivals Wolverhampton B. On top board John P had a tough game, losing all his pawns he was left with just a R and N vs R and 3 connected pawns. In what looked like a lost position he fought for a well earned draw. Ken F has a great discovered check threat but got his King lost in the middle. After a long chase he finally fell for a mate in one in the centre of the board. Mike S continued his great form with a solid win with Black. Gaining a pawn early on he held on and took the full point. Barry S had a very won position until he dropped a piece and lost. On bottom board, this also looked won for Stu D but his opponent managed to save a draw by repetition. Matchcard can be found here. Next up Thu 29th away at Walsall Kipping.

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